MINGHOLDINGS lead by Chandra Ming is a collection of scalable, fully integrated, Indonesia-based HR technology companies. The components, in combination, are highly disruptive to existing channels and have the potential to rapidly and profitably scale, both regionally and globally.

The MINGHOLDINGS company realizes that there are opportunities to grow a company through its people and technology. We use technology to connect employers and jobseekers, providing them distinct business units that suit HR functions, such as executive search, recruitment system, and job portal. These three different HR functions are handled separately within our business units, namely Arcigee, and Karirpad. We strive to make each of these units the best they can be so that Indonesia can develop continuously through the companies that we help obtain talented and motivated employees.

To be the largest HR Tech company in Asia

We build companies into companies that provide success for every star employee and positive impact on society.